preparation for your session



The following items are necessary to prepare the house for photography:

  • Move cars away from the house or in the garage

  • Turn off ceiling fans

  • Hide pet items such at litter boxes, food & water bowls, scratching posts

  • Check house for cleanliness

  • Bathrooms - put away toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, shampoo, soap and close toilet lids

  • Kitchen - remove dishes from counter, garbage can, clutter, magnets from refrigerator, and pet bowls

  • Put away high chair, booster seats, toys, etc.

  • Store all workout equipment and medicines

  • Make sure items stored under beds are not visible

  • Put pets away, out of photography areas

  • Have the yard mowed

  • Trim trees

  • Make sure leaves are blown

  • Put away all outside trash cans, recycle bins, water hoses, security signs

  • Remove pool equipment from pool

  • If homeowner does not want child's name or personal photos shown, please take down before photo shoot

  • Take down holiday items so photos are not dated



The following items are necessary to prepare for your portrait session:


  • Avoid large prints, patterns, neon colors (including neon pastels), logos, and shirts with words

  • It's best to wear all solid tops, for family it is a good idea that all wear white tops 

  • If you prefer to wear different colors, it's okay, just make sure all are solid colors. 

  • Scarves and jewelry can add flair to your photos

  • If you wear glasses and would like to be photographed with them, know that a glare can possibly be seen.

  • Do not pull back hair in a pony tail-This tends to make you look like you have short hair and gives a tired rushed look

  • Bring to the Session:

  • Brush or comb

  • Make-up for touch ups (especially powder for shine)

  • Hair clips, bobby pins

  • Pocket mirror

  • Hair products to calm fly away hair

  • Bug spray

  • Blankets (if it is cold)

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